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How much time do you spend doing great work?

Think about your usual work day - how much of it is in doing work you love?




lower than 30%?

If you are in accounting, customer service or procurement you possibly spend a lot of time working with documents. Working with customer orders, vendor invoices, customer feedback, customer IDs and the likes.

The documents could arrive across channels. Vendors could email the invoice or upload to a portal. Front office team could accept physical copies of documents. One needs to track documents arriving across channels. Ensure they are not missed.

Next, majority of the work involves extracting information from these documents. Validating to ensure the information is as expected. Applying your knowledge to translate. Making it easy to enter them into IT systems. And entering them into your IT systems like ERP/CRM.

Based on established rules and policies, different documents may be handled differently. High value purchases may need approval from the cost center owner. The invoice may need to be routed to the owner. And approved before it's paid out. Lot of these happen on emails, instead of following a structured workflow.

What if someone could help you with all the above? Making workflow simple and structured. Extracting all the information you need to process. Entering it into your IT systems. Would be great, isn't it?

Enter DoquMate - to make work simpler! For You!

So you can spend time doing what you love!

Try it!

Team DoquMate.

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